And, In Tonight’s Adventures

I left my yoga class and mentally prepared myself for the sh*t show that would be my commute home. Or so I thought. I knew it would be bad it was 5:30 so lots of people were heading home and add in the fact that it was raining and I knew the drive would be miserable.
I was right as soon as I got on the highway bumper to bumper traffic and moving at 5mph. Great!
The drive was like this for several miles, and then I saw what might be the problem there were service vehicles on the side of the road with their big arrow light. Great, now we are cutting the road from 3 to 2 lanes. Because that will help traffic flow. Then I saw it.
Flames, lots of flames shooting into the air. Yeah somebody’s car was on fire and not just a little. Let’s just say I didn’t really want to drive by the thing, because it looked like any second it was going to be a complete and total fireball. Of course we then went from 2 lanes down to 1 as you had to drive by the flaming car. Let’s just say I didn’t take my time driving by that thing. And, in pretty sure that was going to sit there for a while burning because there is no way a fire truck was getting to it anytime soon. As traffic was complete bumper to bumper.
I just checked the traffic cams and it looks like they have EMS vehicles there now and traffic completely stopped.

Glad I made it pass that mess when I did. Hope whoever was in the vehicle is safe and sound. Always something on the way home.


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