I Hate People

Ughhhhh! People really irritate me some days. Today, was one of those days.
I went to the gym on base today, and did a Zumba class and followed it up with a yoga class. The gym that Zumba class is held at has a huge parking lot, whereas the gym where the yoga class is held has about a 50 car parking lot and then a huge parking lot across the street. The way the buildings is set up is that the parking lot is on the side of the building and the parking lot across the street is on the backside of the building. There is no parking in the front of the building and the only way into the building is through the front door. If there is a parking spot in the attached parking lot I’ll take it otherwise I park across the street it’s only a few feet more to walk.
So, today I parked in the attached parking lot and made sure that I was parked in the middle of the spot. And, it’s not like the spots are really narrow to begin with. I went to my yoga class, and when I came out the JackHat that parked next to me was so close I could t get in my door. They were parked in my space as well as theirs. Now here is my question I couldn’t open my door so how the hell did you get out of your car when you parked? And, also was there a reason that you couldn’t park straight in your spot?
People suck sometimes. Of course it was too dark to see if they did any damage to my doors, but I got there license plate number and will report them if there is so much as a nick in my paint.
So how was your day?


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