Yesterday, after Krav Maga class I watched our friends’ dogs while they ran to NC for something. 4 dogs, 2 large and 2 medium in my small house makes for a dog hair filled house. Holy crow! I think there is enough hair just from my dogs alone on a normal basis to make another dog but add in the extra dogs and wow!
The day went well even with the nasty weather outside the dogs all got along, would play outside when it was not raining, they all took turns gnawing on an elk antler, and even played some fetch. Poor Julie she didn’t stand a chance. Her legs are way too short to be any competition for the other dogs.
We did have some issues with who was boss. In my house the dogs are not allowed on the furniture my friends’ dogs are allowed on the furniture. And, well let’s just say that Tucker pushed his luck on that as much as he could. Needless, he didn’t win.
Overall it was a good day the dogs got along well and my dogs were completely exhausted last night after their play date. So that’s a win in my book.


The second picture is Julie and Tucker curled up together taking a nap after playing hard. The first picture is Heidi curled up on the blanket. She’s so funny she loves curling up with a blanket, or in the Wyoming house shed curl up and sleep in the curtain. Bonnie of course sleeps in front of the door. Always the guard dog that one.


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