Yoga It’s Not For Everyone

A funny thing happened at yoga last night. Our class was inundated with theNaval Station’s basketball team. And, well what ensued was quite the fun-filled class. And, by fun-filled I mean for all of us “regulars” I’m pretty sure the basketball players did not find it as fun.
Well, I can say they took it in stride. At the beginning of the class they were laughing, cracking jokes, and snapping pictures of each other. By, the end of the class they were quite a bit more reserved.
Imagine if you will about 15 navy service members who also play basketball doing a yoga class for the first time. Yeah, you’re probably shaking your head right now with a bit of a grin on your face. Trust me it was even better in person, and hard to keep a straight face and not laugh hysterically at some of the things that went on.
In the first 5 minutes of class one poor guy collapsed to the ground with a cramp. We weren’t even doing anything difficult. We were doing seated twists. Although, I give him credit he walked it off and joined back in with us.
We did some hip opening exercises and poses that were based out of lunges and well they had some major difficulties with it. Our instructor even commented on how there must not be a lot of lunges in basketball because they were having a hard time with them.
We were doing some side angle poses and they were toppling over. At one point someone actually fell to the floor. I’m not sure what pose we were doing but he fell completely to the ground. But, he took it with humor and laughed.
I will say they were really good sports about it and stuck it out.
After the class was over the general consensus from the players was, “Yoga is no joke! This is some serious sh*t”
Well I couldn’t say it better myself. Yoga is truly making me stronger. I can now do a real girl push-up which is not a big deal but for me it is. I couldn’t do one 2 months ago. I was doing wall push-ups or had to be in a table top position to do them. But, thanks to yoga and planks and chataranga I’ve gotten the strength to do a girl push-up. I can’t do a ton of them but I can do them now. Hopefully, in a few months I’ll be able to do a real push-up. My butt, thighs, legs, and arms are all definitely starting to show the results of yoga 4 times a week. Add the zumba 4 times a week I am seeing some definite changes in the shape of myself.
I’ve definitely become a yoga believer and lover.


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