You Have To Get One Of These

I got a new kitchen gadget. It arrived on Monday and tonight I tried it out.
It’s an air fryer. Fried food without all of the extra fat and grease. No oil was used in making my dinner tonight. Also half the cook time and no waiting for the oven to preheat to 450 degrees.
So here’s what the air fryer looks like:

I made French fries and gluten-free nuggets for dinner tonight. Best part it was all done in 12 minutes. What!!!! It takes almost that long just to preheat the oven.

Golden brown fries crispy on the outside and evenly browned can’t get that in the oven. And, notice no greasy film on those fries because there was no oil used.

And, check out those golden brown nuggets. Yeah, they were delicious as well. It was a quick meal and just perfect for getting home at quarter to 8. Dinner was ready by 8 instead of 8:30 or later if I had used the oven. Plus the fact that no extra fat was added with oil can we say SCORE!!!!
So, seriously love this thing and can’t wait to try some other thugs in it. Check out the air fryer your life may just change.


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