Season Opener

Tonight is the Admirals opening night of hockey. Last week was a preseason game and tonight starts the season.
I’m pretty pumped about it.
I’m sitting right next to the Admirals’ bench and I’m on the ice. I mean ice and glass then me! Yeah can I get these seats for the season.
Of course I have some crazy hockey fans sitting next to me acting like they know the players. I think they’re referred to as “Puck Bunnies”
And, some of them are a bit too old to be drooling over the 20 year olds playing amateur hockey.
This game is exciting goals scored, fights, an injury, and lots of angry players all in the first 5 minutes.
What happens when 10 of the 12 guys on the ice get in a fight. You let them fight. But, hey it seemed to fire up these Admirals. And, this game is going to be a game of ping pong. They score, we score, they score, we score, and they score again. Ughhhhh! DEFENSE ADMIRALS DEFENSE!!!!
Tie game 6 goals scored, 1 injury, 3 fights, and lots of checks and it’s only the 1st period. I love hockey!
Check back tomorrow for photos and a full recap of the game.


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