Longest Dentist Appointment Ever

I found a dentist here. Today I went in for my new patient check-up. I was there for 2 hours. Oh did I mention that I didn’t even have a cleaning I get to go back for that on Monday.
I’ve never had a dentist do all of the stuff they did here.
They took actual pictures, will do x-Rays on Monday, made me watch videos, measured the depth of my gums in 3 different spots on each tooth, checked every tooth for looseness, measured my bite, checked my bite, checked my temporal mandibular joint, and several other things. Holy Cow! Let’s just say this guy is thorough.
He was also very nice and explained why they were doing everything that they were doing. So, yes I’ll be going back on Monday to get my cleaning and x-Rays.
Now to just find a general practitioner and we will have all of our health care gurus arranged.


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