We’ve been keeping it a bit quite until all went through but as of Thursday October 2nd our house in Wyoming is SOLD!

We, loved the house, didn’t love Wyoming so much. We are happy that the house is sold and no longer have to worry about things there.
Now, let’s talk about realtors. We had awful luck with them. As in they SUCKED! And, basically were lazy. That is until we were recommended Donna Martinson with Jim Edgeworth’s Agency. Let me tell you folks if you are in the Casper area and looking to sell your house. Call her! She is amazing!
How amazing you ask? Well after our house being on the market for 10 months, we signed with her, and in about 24 hours she had the house pretty much sold. We signed with her the day we were loading the moving truck, the next day as we were making our way to Virginia we got a phone call. We actually weren’t even out of the state of Wyoming when she gave us the call to say expect an offer on Tuesday. What!!!! You haven’t even listed the house yet! A week after signing the contract with her we had a signed contract. And, in a month we had closed on the house.
Yeah, so in my book she is AMAZING!!!!
So long Wyoming we are no longer homeowners there.
Thanks again to Donna and her go get ’em attitude. She works to sell real estate unlike other realtors in the area who just sit back and wait for things to happen. If you’re selling call Donna. She’s a real seller’s agent.


One thought on “SOLD!!!!

  1. Great news! I’ll definitely keep Donna in mind. I noticed last night when we drove by, the lights were on in the house and cars in the driveway! New owners are in! Congrats. What a relief!

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