Fall TV

It’s that time of the year when new episodes of my favorite shows return and new shows take to the airwaves.
This year I’m happy to say there are some good shows.
I’m enjoying Madam Secretary, I like the characters and the way the show is going. Of course I’ve only watched the first episode. I’ll catch up on this weeks episodes of television soon.
I also checked out Scorpion, and will continue to give it a shot. Not sure if it will be a show I continue to watch, but so far I haven’t written it off.
Forever, is my favorite new show so far. I am loving the idea of the show and all that has happened in the first 2 episodes. I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode.
I can’t wait for Thursday night and the premier of Bad Judge starring Kate Walsh. It looks like it’s going to be good. Also A to Z which is premiering Thursday night as well.
Ahhhh I love that there are no reruns to watch. Of course this means my TiVo is working overtime. I’ll be catching up on a lot of tv once the husband goes on the road.
How about you any shows you love that have returned and/or any new shows you’re enjoying?


2 thoughts on “Fall TV

  1. New Girl and The Mindy Project have been particularly funny this season. A little disappointed with this season of Scandal so far. Hopefully episode two will be better.

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