Workin’ It

This afternoon I took my first actual Zumba class. I’ve done lots of Zumba videos and have enjoyed them a lot. Today, I dove right in and took a class with actual other people. It was awesome. I had a lot of fun. I of course was lost at points because the people in the class have been going for a while and know the routines already.
But, hey it was fun I picked most of them up pretty quickly and I worked up a pretty good sweat.
After Zumba I had about 30 minutes before my Yoga class started. I drove across the base to one of the other gyms where my class was being held, and met up with the husband. Talked to him briefly and headed into my class. It was a great class and a bit challenging. Just how I like it.
After my class got out the husband and I headed home to cook up dinner. That’s the only problem with doing 2 classes is that we don’t get home until nearly 8 which means we are eating late. Once the husband goes back over seas Monday and Wednesday nights will be leftover night. That way once I get home it’s reheat whatever and eat.
Tomorrow it’s yoga class and I’m going to look at all of the gyms schedules to see if there is any other classes that I want to take tomorrow.
I love living next to several bases and having access to all of these classes.


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