Yummy Score

Right down the street we have a Frozen Yogurt Bar. Which, is both a very good and a very bad thing. Why, you may be asking. Well I love FroYo so, score it’s right down the street. As in close enough I could walk there, we didn’t walk there but we could. So yeah, these reasons are also the reasons why it’s bad that the joint is right down the street.
I opted for Vanilla FroYo, I mean you can’t go wrong with vanilla. Especially when you aren’t sure of what toppings they will have. Well, people shaking your heads telling me I’m a bore, you’re in for a surprise, because this is what I found at the toppings station:

This may be the biggest tub of Nutella I have ever seen, I kind of wanted to steal the tub and bring it home. I. Love. Nutella.
So yeah, I covered my vanilla FroYo in Nutella, which let me tell you a little something about Nutella being added to cold stuff. It becomes hard, so not only did I have Nutella, but I basically created a hard chocolate shell over my FroYo. Simply heaven! I added strawberries to the mix and some chocolate chips. Yeah I basically had chocolate covered strawberries and FroYo.

It’s ok you can be jealous. It was delicious. I have a feeling I’ll be making another visit to the Skinny Dip again soon.


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