Fridge Issues

Our rental house is coming along nicely. I did some cleaning today and while cleaning even hung up some things to make the house look like we live here. The kitchen has been decorated. Now it’s onto the living/dining room. We aren’t sure how things will hang on the walls. They are textured plaster so we will be using lots of Command hooks and strips. We just need to test how well they stick and hold on the wall.
Anyway, let’s move onto the real reason for this post. Our fridge. The fridge works great. Keeps our food cold almost too cold at times. However, there is a problem with said fridge. It’s missing shelves and/or they are broken. Yeah so that makes putting things in the fridge not so doable. Which, this of course means that I can’t really grocery shop for a week or 2 at a time because well there is no way to get the stuff in the fridge. We have a missing shelf and then the 2 Crisper drawers are busted so that they just lay in the bottom I the fridge. So we can put stuff in the drawers, but putting anything on top of the drawers makes it so you can’t open the drawers. Putting stuff on top of the drawers works but the bins fly all over the place so it’s a keep an eye on things when you open the fridge or grab something out of it.
Now, we moved in on the first of this month and told the property manager immediately. Yeah well we are still waiting for the fridge to be taken care of. It’s becoming a real pain in the ass and I’m starting to get aggravated. If we don’t hear back from him by tomorrow afternoon I’ll be calling again. Because, let’s face it this is getting ridiculous. I’m sure if it was his fridge it would have been replaced a long time ago.
Ok end rant. Although, depending on how tomorrow goes there could be another one coming soon.


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