I Found Homes For All The Crap

Today, the husband and I did some running around and errands. After that we both pretty much vegged out. It was a dark dreary day here today, although there was no torrential monsoon like rains, which we had all day and night yesterday.
I finally got myself motivated and went to town putting all of the random, for lack of a better word, crap away. Most of it was little knick knacks and decor type things. So really it was just a process of deciding where to place it. So without further fanfare here’s the house, well the inside anyway. I’ll have to get some photos of the outside.

The guest bedroom is all set up and ready for some visitors.

Here’s the office, and well it’ll only look this neat right now. Once the husband gets in there it’ll be a disaster. He’s going to learn to pick up after himself or he’ll be hiring someone to follow after him to clean up after him.

This is our room don’t mind the unmade bed I’ll be getting to that.

The living room is ready for some relaxing and entertaining.

The dining room. As you can see there are photos and artwork that need to be hung up but I’ve got to decide where I want each thing to go.

And finally the kitchen and breakfast area. Ahhhhh it feels good to be done. Now I just need to clean the house because we’ve been tracking in some serious dirt the last week.
Tomorrow I’ll tackle the cleaning of the house. Of course it will be for after I clean my car. I can’t even tell you what my poor car looks like after 2000 miles with a 70 and 90 pound dog in it. Yeah, I think I’ll be cleaning that poor thing for a while. I need to figure out how to get the dog hair off the headliner. Any suggestions will be appreciated as vacuuming it hasn’t worked in the past.


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