House Is Done!

Today I emptied the last of the boxes in the house. Of course the house is still a long way from done. There are tons of things stacked on every surface that still need to find a home, but all of the boxes have been opened, emptied, and broken down.
Now the garage is a whole other story. The husband had been putting a dent in it this afternoon though I must say. He’s got the back third cleared out and is making his way to the front. He’s got to get it pretty much usable by tomorrow as he will be helping a friend out working in his truck. And, well if the monsoon type weather we are currently experiencing they are going to want to be able to pull the truck in to the garage a bit.
While the husband was working on the garage I tackled the disaster that is our office. I’ve got it set up, just need the husband to assemble the bed that will go in there and then it’s finished and ready for action.
I’m working on finding homes for all of the stuff that is currently covering both of our dressers in the bedroom. Also putting away some laundry.
I’ve got to find some homes for things in the kitchen and dining room and after that the house will be good. I want to get the kitchen squared away so that the counters are cleared and the dog crates can come down and be stored. We will use the gate to contain them to the kitchen when we leave instead of crating them. Because I would like to use my kitchen table to eat at from time to time.
Of course after I finally get all of this stuff sorted out it’ll be time to do a major clean of this house, ahhhh the joys of moving.


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