Baby Steps

Got the guest bedroom all set up and made quite a dent in the office. Of course the guest room looks a mess again because I had to move stuff out of the office into there so that there was room to move and work in the office. But, it’ll move out pretty quick and all be put away.
Tomorrow, the husband will be sent out to the attached garage to start working on the mess that is that area. It shouldn’t be too bad. There is a lot of empty boxes and totes in the garage along with all the extra chairs for our kitchen table, which all of that will move out to the other garage for storage. The rest of the job is setting up and putting away his “man stuff” you know tools and whatnot. I’ll just have to keep him focused and on task to get it done.
Once the garage is done we will have a put together house.
This week I’ll be cleaning my car. Because, let’s just say having 2 dogs in the car for 2000 miles has made for a very dog haired filled car. YUCK!!!


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