Getting Better

The dining room is now set up. Of course you can’t eat at the table being as it’s covered with boxes of wine and liquor, but hey it’s in it’s spot the chairs are around the table and theoretically we could eat at it if we wanted to.
Along with the dining room having some serious progress made I also made tons of progress in the living room. We’ve got the furniture arranged, the entertainment center set up, and about 7 boxes to empty and put away. Luckily 3 of the boxes are things I know exactly where they are going, as for the other 7 boxes that’s going to take a bit of creativity and planning. I’m hoping that tomorrow I can get it all done and move on to the guest bedroom. Which this room will be the easiest of all since it’s basically assembly the bed putting it where it needs to go and moving the cedar chest into the room. Here’s hoping I get that all done before I go to bed tomorrow night, because that will just leave the office for me to focus on. And, well it’s going to probably take me all day Sunday to get that room in shape. But, if I stick on track the house will be moving box free by the start of the week. Whoooooo! Here’s hoping anyway. I’m tired of boxes being everywhere.


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