They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Today is my birthday. I received tons of Happy Birthdays on Facebook which thanks everyone, you know how to make a girl feel special.
I spent the day, running around doing last minute things that need to be done before leaving. Packed up the rest of the stuff in the house. All that is left is the last minute stuff that well has to wait till the last minute.
As, I was packing I chucked a ton of stuff and also have a boat load of stuff for Good Will.
The husband and I went out for a nice dinner for my birthday. It was delicious and it was great to spend some time with him not rushing around trying to get things done for the move.
Tomorrow morning we have a showing at the house. Yeah, sorry perspective buyers but we are loading a moving truck so yeah don’t mind the absolute mess that is the house. Or the living room that has more furniture than it should and boxes and other stuff. Oh yeah that dining room just ignore all of the bedroom furniture currently sitting in it. Not much we can do. We are moving and need to have all our stuff together and ready to move when the time comes.
After the showing tomorrow we will be pulling the rest of the stuff that is stored in closets out and putting in the “staging area” if you will. After that’s complete, it’ll be scrub the downstairs and the south side of the house. Then Thursday as the rooms with stuff in them are cleared out I’ll be cleaning them. And, Friday morning we roll on out of town.
So it was a busy day but hey my birthday present is I’m moving from Wyoming back to the beach!!!!!


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