More Progress

We’ve made some progress today with packing and moving.
We managed to get everything upstairs today, so now my dining room that looked like this yesterday:

And, well now it looks like this:

The bathroom is almost completely packed up. Medicine cabinet will be packed and after that it’s just the stuff we use every day. Which, of course that stuff will have to wait until the minute we leave.
Tomorrow I’ll be doing some cleaning. The downstairs will be dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed, and steamed. And, after that it’s done. Then I’ll focus on cleaning rooms upstairs. Of course it’s a bit difficult to do them since a lot o the areas have stuff in them or we are still walking through them. But, we have a plan for Thursday/moving out day so it’ll all get done with just some adjustments.
We also have a second showing Wednesday morning. I was like whatever. I really can’t be out I the house for over an hour but whatever. Hopefully they will decide to buy the stinking house. And, then it’ll be worth it to screw with my schedule.
Only a few more days till we move.


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