Getting Stuff Done

Today was spent taking care of lots of stuff that needs to get done before the move.
I took care of the dogs’ vet files and set up an appointment for tomorrow to get their heartworm test done. Since VA is an area where heartworm is a serious concern the dogs will be on the preventative meds all year long.
Finally got our key back from the old realtors.
Took the IRS letter to the post office.
Set up chiropractor appointments for the husband and I before we leave.
Sent our property manager in VA a list of rentals to check out for us. So that hopefully we have a place to move into when we get there.
And, did some more packing. I have a couple more closets to pack up, our bathroom, and the kitchen. After that it’s wait for the truck to arrive and start loading stuff in.
Can’t believe it’s only 17 days away. Yikes!


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