I’m Going To Be A Race Car Driver

Saturday night I headed on out for some Dirt Track Racing. It was a blast. They had several different types of cars racing that night.
Little itty bitty cars, which I would be afraid to get in, stock cars, modified, sprint, and super modified. I totally want to race the super modified.
The Sprint cars are awesome, but I’d be the one flying in the air and losing my wing.
Oh, and totally got to see that nonsense happen in the final race when they put all 13 cars on the track at once. And, well 13 cars on a track that’s not that big you know crashes are going to happen. And well it did a car flew in the air and flipped around. It was awesome. The driver was fine.
So yeah anyway I loved every second of it. I then informed the husband that I need a race car now. And, during the summer we will your the dirt track circuit. I think it would be awesome. And, I’m pretty sure if be good at it.
Boogity Boogity Boogity Let’s Go Racing!!!!


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