Amazing What Happens When The Boss Is Called

My realtor had ignored my calls for 2 days. Oh, not only did he ignore my call but also my husband’s call from Afghanistan. Yeah, that’s not going to fair well for you just an FYI.
I attempted to get a hold of him again today, and he was not in the office. I then demanded to speak to the actual broker. I’m done playing nice. My house needs to sell and I want you to do your job.
I unfortunately have not been able to talk to the broker, but I did speak with her assistant. I let her know what was going on and I was very unhappy. Along with this I want a meeting with the broker ASAP. She said she’d have her get in contact with me. Yeah, I’m still waiting for that phone call.
But, hey at least this put a fire under my agent’s ass because he finally returned my call. Of course it was a call full of excuses and telling me the exact opposite of what was told to me 2 weeks ago. Yeah, we are done with the excuses. I told him in no uncertain terms that him, the broker, and I were having a meeting immediately. I think he was really trying to get out of that, but not happening. I’m no longer playing nice. I’m supposed to move in a month, and right now I can’t if they aren’t doing their job. So here’s hoping I get a meeting soon, or I’ll be camping out in their office until it happens, or the cops come to cart me away. Is it too much to ask for someone to do their job?


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