And The Realtor Issues Contine

Our new realtors have been on the job for 27 days now. And, well I’ll be going in for meeting number 3 tomorrow. Not only will I be meeting with my agent, but I’m not leaving until I meet with the broker.
This is just getting ridiculous. I had a 45 minute open house scheduled for today and low and behold the agent showed up 10 minutes late for said open house. Are you F’ing kidding me. Now this makes 2 out of the 3 open houses that the realtor has been late to. As for the third one I’m not sure what time they showed up as something came up and I had to leave well before they were to arrive. Although, with the pattern I’m seeing I’m going to go ahead and day they were probably late for that one as well.
Needless to say I’ve called my agent and left 2 messages, and have yet to hear back from him. And, well you know things are getting bad when the husband is now calling the agent and leaving a message as well from Afghanistan. Yeah, realtor get it together, because if I have to stay here instead of moving back East to babysit you to make sure you’re doing your job, well let’s just say no one, and I mean no one is going to be happy.


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