Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Recap


On Wednesday Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds played a free concert on the lawn of the art museum here in town. I’ve known Sister Sparrow, AKA Ms Arliegh, and one of the Dirty Birds, AKA Jackson, Arliegh’s brother well pretty much forever. I’ve seen them perform one other time years ago.  It somehow never worked out that I was where they were performing. They have played in Denver and other parts of Colorado several times, but again with the drive time to get there and everything else it just wasn’t doable to see them. So, I will say I was pretty stoked that they performed here in town.



A little Sister Sparrow, and The Dirty Birds rocking the downtown area.

And, I’m happy to say there was an amazing crowd turnout on a Wednesday night for The Band’s first visit to town. Yeah, we know how to have fun on a Wednesday night in this town.

Jackson rocking it out on the harmonica. Yeah, the boy is amazing on that thing. Go ahead and ask how many he has, I’ll tell you this it’s a lot. I think for Christmas I’m going to get him the party pack from the dollar store. It’d be a funny gift.

Jackson and Sasha putting on a show for us.

And, in case you wondering if he really can play the harmonica as well as I say, well take a listen.

Ok, and little story for you, did you see that crazy guy walk by during the video.  Well yeah, he was trying to join the band or something.  I think all of us in the audience were waiting for him to do oboe thing crazy. Luckily he just got angry and annoyed that he couldn’t join in and left.

Seriously, these guys rock and I’m not just saying that because I know them.  You can check them out on their website and get tour information. Also all of their albums are available on iTunes.

Thanks for a great show guys and it was awesome to hang out with you. Can’t wait to see you perform again.





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