Get Ready Wyoming Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Are Rolling Into Town

I’m super pumped, excited, amped up, and a million other adjectives for tomorrow night.
Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds are rolling into town for a concert. Who are these Dirty Birds you may ask. Well, just one if the coolest bands out there. They have a jazz, blues, rock, funk, horn section type sound. And then you add in Sister Sparrows maxing voice and well you’ve got pure awesomeness.
I actually personally know Sister Sparrow and one of the Dirty Birds. I can tell you stories, but I won’t. They are just some really amazingly talented people ice known for years. Who am I kidding the entire family is pretty talented.
I’ve been listening to their music the last few days to get myself pumped up not that I needed any help for that. But, I can’t wait to hear Arleigh belt out a little Freight Train and Another Ride, 2 of my favorite songs. Add in Jackson on the harmonica and yeah I’m going to be screaming I knew them when…
Stay tuned for pics and maybe some video from their performance tomorrow night. Check them out on iTunes they are a lot of fun.


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