That Type Of Day

Last night brought some crazy wet weather here to my little spot of Wyoming that continued throughout the entire day.
Rainy weather for the entire day is a bit unusual. I think I can count the amount of days that’s happened in the two and a half years I’ve lived here on one hand and still have room for more days to be counted.
Anyway, with the temp in the 60’s, cool, damp wind, rain, and even some storms, it was day spent inside.
I did manage to take care of a few things that were on the list, and of course got seriously frustrated with other things I tried to accomplish on the list. You’ll hear about them in some future posts.
Of course when the weather is dreary my motivation is seriously lacking, and well today was no different. I did some TiVo catching up and curled up with my book for a while. It was a good day to curl up in my favorite chair with a blanket my kindle and a cup of tea. Tomorrow I’ve got some packing to do.
Maybe I’ll even take the dogs for a run at the park.


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