This Is Not Looking Good

So, is it a bad sign that we’ve only been with our new realtors 8 days, today being my first full day in town since signing with the new realtors, and I’ve already had to call them and rip them a new one.
Yeah, I’m not holding out much hope for them now.
I hired you to do a job can you please just do it. If I have to come into your office things are not going to be pretty. My Type A personality and OCD tendencies are not a good mix for this have no care attitude you are exhibiting realtor.
Although, after I finally did get a hold of the guy he yesed me to death, so maybe we will see things done now.
Please house just sell.
Oh and the other thing about today I was mowing the lawn and had people stop and ask about the house and want to see it. When I asked if they were interested in buying it they said no they just wanted to see it. Yeah people my house is not a tourist attraction. So again House Please Sell.


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