Saturday In The City

We got up early this morning and headed off for the island of Manhattan. We strolled around got some caffeine in our bodies via coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes. We stopped at a little shop for some food, and then made our way to the waterfront.

A Circle Line Cruise was in on the agenda for the day. We planned for the full circle tour of the island, unfortunately the tide was not cooperating with that plan and we were unable to go all the way around the island. It’s okay though it was still a good 2.5 hour boat ride on a beautiful day.

image image image image


We stopped by the Frying. Pan for a few, and then continued on our way into Chelsea, via the. High Line. We headed off to the Chelsea Market where we had some amazing lunch. Ryan and Allie both had homemade pasta dishes while I had a salad with fresh crisp grilled veggies with pesto. It was delicious.

After lunch and looking around the market it was back to the Bronx, where we had dinner at the apartment and some down time. Tomorrow is another day filled with activity.


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