Ahhhh IKEA

I’m off to NY, and flying out of Denver. And, well when one is in Denver they simply must stop into the land of the Sweeds.
I love IKEA it really is pure genius. Relax husband I know we are moving I didn’t buy anything. Ok I did buy a new duvet cover but that’s light and easily moved. I also picked up a duvet and duvet cover for Rhonda. She loves the one that is currently only bed and it was on last chance sale as well as the cover I bought for us.
Although, just because I wasn’t buying anything doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking and well, take notes I found several coffee tables and end tables that I like a million times better than our current ones. Relax husband they are just ideas for the future I swear they are not in my car. No seriously they are not. But here check them out they are pretty cool and totally fit our mid-century/modern furniture.
Up first round white tables.


Now the problem with these they are on wheels, and well with 2 lab mixes running about it’s almost certain that they will not stay put. I didn’t really look to closely at them to see if the wheels could be removed so that they were more stationary.
Up next dark wood.


I think these look pretty cool. Only problem the coffee table is a little low so anything placed on it is in danger of getting caught in the wagging tails of destruction.
And, the last set round natural wood.


And, as I was walking through the end of the IKEA Showroom. I found this:

How cute is that? A Rocking Moose. I’m a bit obsessed with anything moose, buffalo, or cow related. No idea why I just am. I’m still convinced we need a baby buffalo for a pet. The husband and I don’t have children currently but I really wanted to scoop that thing up and bring it home anyway. That way we’d have it when we do have children. Hmmmm, maybe I will go get it.
And, finally I found some more Eiffel Tower pictures. And, well I you’ve been in our house you know we have a thing for the Eiffel Tower. We got engaged on the real one and married on top of the one in Vegas. Yeah, there are a few photos of the ole tower hanging in our house.




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