Not Quite What I Planned

Today, I took the dogs for their run in the park. I planned on doing 4 miles with them. Yeah, that didn’t happen. And, for once it wasn’t because the dogs weren’t behaving.
No, as we were cruising along and I was going at an awesome pace too, there was a snake on the path. And, well that was it for me. There was no way in hell I was backing through that area again. It was another big, fat, long snake. Sorry doggies but this girl is done.
The whole thing happened pretty quickly, but in resulted in Heidi and I both freaking out. Actually if Heidi hadn’t freaked out there was a pretty good chance I may not have even seen the damn thing. However, it scared te bejeezes out if Heidi and she went flying and skidding across the path. I looked up to see the thing slithering away and Bonnie trying to catch it. Uhmmm, yeah dog if you catch that thing and come anywhere near me I’m leaving your ass at the park. Anyway Heidi freaked, I jumped about 10 feet and screamed a bit, and after my hear restarted I high-tailed it out of there. I took the dogs to the river and let them swim for a while and then it was on our way back home to play ball in the yard. A yard where there are no snakes thankfully.
So that 4 mile run in the park quickly became 1.25 miles instead. Uhmmm, I bet you can guess that we will not be going to the park again for a few days.
In the words of Indiana Jones, “Why did it have to be snakes?”


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