Mother Nature Is BiPolar

Mother Nature has been on a real roll here in Wyoming in the last 36 hours. Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny with temps hovering in the 80’s. I enjoyed the baseball game and fireworks without needed 100 layers and blankets.
Then last night good ole Mother Nature decided to unleash a storm on us. The thunderstorm was loud, windy, crazy, and lasted hours. Which for here is anything but normal. 20-40 minutes maybe hours not typical. The storm was so loud and harsh it woke me up and kept me up for quite a while. I was kind of waiting for the house to blow away.
I woke up to a dreary chilly day. Temps in the 50’s I mean it is only June 14th so why I’d be expecting warmer temperatures is beyond me. The days weather didn’t improve.
I headed off to the baseball game tonight, with my baseball watching in October gear. Blankets, coats, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, yeah I was wearing it all.
So here’s a reminder Mother Nature it is June not October can you please get the weather right. Because, I can tell you right now if I wake up to snow tomorrow I’m hunting you down and strangling you.


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