Alpha Phase Complete

I don’t usually posts about my fitness goals and accomplishments here too often, I have another blog for that, but today I’m doing it. Why? Well, because I’m pretty proud and impressed with myself and my accomplishment. Today was Day 25, the end of Week 5 of T25. This means I’ve completed the Alpha Phase of the program. What!? Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.
One, I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this program for 5 weeks already. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but it has. Two, holy cow I’ve made some huge strides since I started. The first week was pretty much he7l. It was a struggle to make it through the 25 minutes, and now well I’m rocking those 25 minutes. Okay, I’m doing a lot of modified moves, but I’m killing them now. Some of the moves that I had to start out in the modified version I’m now doing the regular version. So improvements.
Three, I’m able to do things that 5 weeks ago if you told me I would be doing them I’d tell you, you’re flipping out of your mind. Making it through a double session Friday and not feeling like collapsing after, yeah I did it. I’m exhausted after, but I can still talk and am not gasping for air when the workout is complete. Don’t get me wrong I’m drenched and tired and my heart rate is soaring, but I’m doing it and not in need of medical attention or feeling as though I need it.
Four, this week was the real challenge for me, as it called for Full Body Circuit 3 days this week. I hate this workout, it kills every part of me. The first time I did it I was about ready to vomit in the first 5 minutes. As I continued to work through the program it got a little easier every time. Well this week I did this workout every other day. Yup, I’m spent but I did it. The best part today was a double day Friday and it required me to do Full Body Circuit and Lower Body Focus. What! Holy Crowbar! Yeah, I did it I pushed through and rocked them. I may not be able to walk tomorrow, but I accomplished it. Not only did I complete it but I did it well. 5 weeks ago not a chance it happening.
So thank you Shaun T and T25, sorry I was constantly cursing you out.
Now of course Monday starts a new phase of the program, Beta. So yeah, it’ll be like starting all over again, because well Shaun t is a bit of a sadistic bastard, and I know he’s going to step it up and make me work and push that much harder. But, hey that’s how he gets the results he gets. I’m mentally preparing myself for what’s I come. I know next week is going to be tough, but knowing how far I’ve come in the last 5 weeks I know that as long as I put in a 110% and keep going I’ll see the improvements. And, in 5 weeks from now I’ll probably be telling you all again about all I’ve accomplished. So brig it on Beta I’m ready to work.


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