I took the dogs to the dog park today, one because they were full of energy and needed to burn some off, and two I needed to try out my new sneakers. Which in case you were wondering they are even more amazing then my first pair of SKORA’s I bought.
Okay, now back to the dog park. I’m beginning to become convinced that my dogs, well dogs in general, and the dog park are out to kill me. First Heidi takes my ankle out and cuts my leg, then I see the snake, then someone else’s dog takes me out ruins my shoes and cuts my elbows, and then we have today’s episode.
We were walking along, and I noticed Heidi wasn’t within site. So I called her, and she came running right over, with something in her mouth. Now, if you’re thinking snake, well no it wasn’t, because if it had been I wouldn’t be writing this post I’d be dead from a heart attack. It was almost as bad though. So my happy dog comes running up to me with a dead squirrel in her mouth. Uhmmmm, yeah that didn’t go over well. I screamed, DROP IT NOW! Which she quickly did and ran off in front of me. Yeah, but she was also so kind to drop it right near the path. Gross! Yeah, and I wasn’t going near that thing. Needless to say we only did one lap at the park today. I wasn’t going near that thing again. I wasn’t risking either one of them touching and not to mention I had no desire to see it again. Anyway, I’m sure my heart rate was way up after that I know my blood pressure was. I’m wondering what tomorrow will bring at the dog park. They are going to need it tomorrow as I have appointments most of the day and then a baseball game tomorrow night. So they will be getting some serious park time tomorrow afternoon when I return from my appointments.
Here’s hoping there is no wildlife encounters. I’m beginning to think I don’t like nature.


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