Rain, it’s something we don’t particularly see a lot of here in my little piece of Wyoming. Where I live it’s essentially high desert. Wether it’s really classified that way or not I don’t know, but really that’s what it is here. So rain, we don’t see a lot of it.
Don’t get me wrong it’ll rain here for like 10 minutes and then it’s done. We will from time to time get a thunderstorm again it doesn’t last long. So very rare are the days when we get a rainy dreary day all day long. I really can’t think of one over the last two and a half years I’ve been here.
However, today that’s just what we got. It was damp, wet, dreary, and the rain fell nearly all day. I guess it was around 6pm when it finally stopped raining. Which, is crazy around these parts.
My original plan for the day was to take the dogs to the park, they haven’t been in a few days, and yesterday I had a bunch of stuff going on so they spent a lot of time confined to the kitchen. So, I figured a few hours at the dog park would let them expend some energy. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans. I’m guessing tomorrow will be a play day for the dogs they will need to run big time.
Of course with the dreary weather that I’m not used to experiencing here, okay I am, but it’s usually in the firm of snow, I’ve had no motivation to do much of anything. Can we say curl up in my UFO chair and read my book, watch some Netflix, and have a nice hot bowl of soup for dinner. Because, yeah that’s what I did today. And here is the awesomeness that is the UFO chair.

Yes this chair is amazing. I love it. I can spend days curled up in this chair. My husband doesn’t think it’s as comfortable as I think it is. His complaint, it’s hard to get out of. Uhmmmm why would you want to?
Hope you’ve had an enjoyable weekend.


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