WOW Is The Perfect Name

Our local health food store has started carrying a new brand of gluten-free cookies. I make a lot of my own gluten-free treats for many reasons, but the two main reasons are it’s cheaper and they taste better.
However, these cookies I decided to give a whirl because they were packaged like cookies you’d pick up from the local bakery. And, well let me tell you I am glad I did. They were delicious. I definitely could of sat down and ate the entire container at once. I did not I was able to control myself, but still they were amazeballs!
They had a few different options, I choose to go with the lemon cookies. I love lemon and these cookies were delicious. They were soft, moist, and all so lemony. They kind of reminded me of pudding cookies I used to make. I’m thinking I’m going to have to try to recreate these cookies. They were delicious.
The company that makes the cookies is Wow Baking. Like the title says Wow is definitely the name for them, because they were wow blow my socks off good. You can check the company’s website out here.
I’m hoping that our local store starts carrying more of their products I’d like to try them if their cookies were that good, I’m pretty excited about trying other products.


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