So This Happened

Today, during our dog park time I got wiped out by someone else’s dog. Man I think dogs are out to kill me. First Heidi wiping me out because a dog barked and jumped at a fence causing me to shred my knee.

And, now some cell phone chatting lady’s dog caused me to shred my elbow.

And, really it’s not bad at all it is a tiny scrape although it burns like hello. It could of been much worse. Picture if you will a 100 pound dog barreling into the back of your knees and sending you flying up in the air. Yeah I’m sure it looked like a scene right out of a cartoon. I of course flew up into the air and then landed on the dog. So the dog is freaking out, my dogs are freaking out, and the lady continues on her cell phone. She did eventually hang up, but it took her a while. She quickly took off with her dog when I told her I would be fine. I of course was trying to get off her dog as quickly as possible so that he wouldn’t bite me being that I was laying on top of him.
Yeah, so interesting way to spend at the dog park. But, the thing that made me the angriest was that my new running shoes got shredded. They are like brand new. Very few miles on these puppies and now the top layer is ripped through.


Once I got home I dumped some peroxide on the elbow and called SKORA to let them know what happened. The guy I talked to in the customer service department told me that it wasn’t a warranty issue, but that he would give me a 20% off coupon toward a future purchase. Well hot dog, I ha just been online earlier to look at purchasing another pair. So thank you for helping me out even though you didn’t have to. SKORA you rock! Oh, and after putting a pair in my shopping cart they quickly sent me another coupon for 10% off. What!!!! Uhmmm I love you SKORA I’ll be sticking to your running sneakers from now on.


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