Why I Hate Mowing The Lawn

Prepare yourself bullet points are coming.

  • I break out in hives
  • I itch all over
  • My eyes swell up
  • My eyes are running, it looks like I’ve been crying for hours
  • Oh and my eyes itch
  • My nose won’t stop running
  • Oh did I mention my nose itches too
  • My allergy meds don’t seem to help at all
  • And, my husband seems to think the mower deck doesn’t need to be lowered. Guess what bud, it needs to happen NOW! Or, there will be no more lawn mowing being done. I can’t mow the lawn every other day, and that’s what is happening right now since it’s set so high. I finished the lawn at 4pm today and well it’s looking like its ready to be mown again.
  • Yeah, I hate the lawn, I think we should just go for some rocks, let the grass die.

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