A Little Sunday Night Yoga

One if the local yoga studios here offers a once a month donation yoga class on Sunday nights. Well, I had nothing going on today and pretty much was a bum the entire day so I decided to give it a try.
I had taken a class with the teacher once before and had enjoyed it so I was looking forward to the class. The class was a lot longer than any other yoga class ice taken before. 90 minutes to be exact. Yeah I think the longest I’ve lasted before this is 45 minutes. I’m happy to report I made it through the entire class and did very few modifications. So yeah I’m proud of myself.
The class was really small being that it’s a holiday weekend I wasn’t too surprised by that fact. But, hey it worked in my favor because a smaller class means more attention and more focus on me. So I was able to get some pointers in improving some of my poses which is always a good thing.
After 90 minutes if yoga I’m both exhausted and feeling rejuvenated. To a person who has never done yoga it may look like we are doing nothing, but let me tell you it takes a ton of concentration, focus, and muscle use to do it. You try standing in a lunge with hands extended looking up at the sky and hold it without moving for 3-5 minutes and tell me how east it is. I even broke a sweat during our Warrior sequence. I will definitely be hitting this class up again. I’m also thinking I may have to see what other classes Liz is teaching and take one with her. I really enjoy her teaching.
Who knew that I’d become a yoga fan, but each class I take the more I enjoy it.
Hope you all are enjoying this holiday weekend.


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