Snakes & Tornados

Today started out beautiful. Sun was shining and temps were in the 70’s. And, well this girl loves her some Vitamin D. I loaded the dogs in the car and headed off to the dog park. I’d get dorm sun and we’d all get a nice walk in.

Well let’s just say the walk and time in the sun almost didn’t happen. When I pulled into the parking lot at the park there was a 2.5-3 foot long snake slithering across the parking lot. WHAT!  Now last week I was warned about the snakes being out, and I was a complete chicken sh*t and avoided that part of the park like the plague! but this is the dang parking lot with tons of cars! people, and dogs running around. WTF Chuck, you’re not supposed to be here. I’m proud of myself I didn’t swerve to run the thing over, because I really wanted to. I don’t do snakes. I HATE snakes. They give me the willies just thinking about them. Now, I have no clue what kind of snake it was, but I do know this it was big and slithering, and well the only snake I am interested in is a dead one. I clearly did not get a picture of the nasty thing being that I was concentrating on not going into a full-blown panic attack. Did I mention I hate snakes. I mean think Samuel L Jackson in Snakes On A Plane, and then multiply by a billion, and you may come close to my reaction to snakes. I’m getting the willies just writing this post. Ughhhhh snakes.

Oh the best part about this snake sighting.  It’s my first one since moving here. Really I have only 3 more months here and let me tell you I would have liked to have made it without seeing one. Thank you universe for this little gift!

I sucked it up though and took the dogs for a nice 4.5 mile walk, and thankfully didn’t see anymore snakes. Because, let’s face it if I had I would of screamed like I was being murdered and ran for the hills. Oh, and I also semi, sorta convinced myself that I didn’t really see a snake because it just disappeared and there were a lot of other people around who didn’t even flinch at the site of it. So maybe I imagined the whole thing. This is called denial in case you were wondering. Hey, whatever helps me sleep tonight.

After returning home from our walk the dogs were exhausted, and still are. Let’s just say they haven’t been as crazy and wild as normal. They are pretty much passed out and have been since we came home. Anyway, the weather became typical spring weather with some thunderstorms. And, get this apparently a tornado too. WHAT!

Craziness. First a snake and then a tornado, I’m glad I survived the day. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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