Happy Girl

The husband is out of the country with work currently and I haven’t really spoken to him since he left.  However, today we got some Skype calls in.  🙂  Yup, BIG CHEEZY GRIN right here.  Of course with the way the service over where he is there were lots of dropped calls and big time delays.  But, hey you do what you have to.

We got to catch up on things, not that there is anything remotely exciting going on here with me, but hey I filled him anyways.  Also had to pass on some info from the whole trying to sell our house thing.  I also gave him the update as to an order we had placed on Amazon that for some reason couldn’t be delivered to him.  So now it is coming here, and I will promptly turn around and send it his way.  Of course with this I made sure to ask if there was anything else that he needed or wanted.  I mean come on I have to make use of every square inch of those flat rate boxes at the Post Office.

I’m thinking I will be heading to the store soon to get the cookie making supplies so I can send over a shipment of them.  However, he has already gotten a few packages and is quickly running out of room to store the stuff.  So, I will be waiting a little bit before I make the Cookie Bonanza for him.  Plus, it’s been nice here, and well there is no telling how long that will last so I am taking every opportunity I can to be outside.  I’m sure a yucky weather day will be coming soon, and then I’ll be baking up a storm.

Oh, and the other awesome part of my day I found a case of GNC Lean Shake 25 Banana Cream flavor.  Yeah, I was pretty excited about that.  It is definitely my favorite flavor.  Too bad it’s a limited edition flavor.  They do make a banana flavor which will be delivered to my house soon, but the banana cream is just a little bit tastier.  So yeah it was a pretty good day here.  I mean it’s the little things that get me excited.  Remember people I live in Wyoming there isn’t a whole heck of a lot going on.


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