We had people come look at the house today for the second time. We also have aspen trees that like to shoot up all over our yard, and some crazy growing grass in patches throughout the yard. We’ve had some grass and aspen growing weather. Yeah, that means the lawn needed to be mowed.
No biggie right, except the husband is out of the country and well this girl is allergic. However, it needed to be done because the yard was looking like a jungle in places. So, I sucked it up and mentally and pharmaceutically prepared myself. I took my allergy meds about 30-45 minutes before I began the task. I then went out and mowed the damn lawn.
Let me tell you our lawn is a b*tch to mow. It’s not flat it slopes in all different directions and be square HA I wish. So I’m sure I missed spots. Ask me if I care I dare you. It took about an hour, but I got it done.
I promptly put the mower away and hopped in the shower hoping I could keep the reaction away. After getting out of the shower I took some more allergy meds and cleaned the house.
Yup, no such luck I’m still allergic to you gosh dang grass. I’ve got hives, I itch, swollen, puffy, watery eyes, yup have them too. Ughhhhh I told the husband we should just let the grass die.
Oh and, I think we need to lower the deck on the lawn mower because it’s not cutting the aspens or crazy grass or those pesky dandelions down nearly enough. It already looks like a jungle forming out there again and it hasn’t even been 12 hours since I finished. Can you even lower the blade on a push mower. I have no idea I’m not a lawn/gardening type person. Rocks are an awesome plan for a yard I say.
Here’s hoping I wake up a little less itchy tomorrow.


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