Ari’s Birthday!

I had a fun day today, although the weather was not at all what the weatherman said it would be. According to the weather gurus, who clearly aren’t gurus it was supposed to be in the high 70’s. It was not. It was in the mid 60’s and well after the snow at this time last week, we’ll take it!
I spent the morning at the dog park, allowing the dogs to expend some of the exorbitant amount of energy they have. We did a 2 mile run, okay they did way more then that they were all over the place today. Crazy pooches. At one point they ran up the river much further than normal. And, if we add in all the other dogs that they were able to run and play chase with, yeah they put on some miles.
After we finished with our loops around the park the dogs decided to go swimming, and swimming they did. They played in the river with each other for nearly 30 minutes. I find it pretty funny that a few weeks ago Heidi wouldn’t go near the water she hated, and now I can’t get her out of it.

As you can see they were making friends everywhere today.
After making them run for a while to dry off a bit it was into the car and home we went. I took a quick shower ate some lunch and headed off to celebrate Ari turning 2!
Ari had some of his friends over and family was there. It was an enjoyable day in the backyard. The kids ran, played, consumed a ton of BBQ chips, a favorite in the Wolfpack household, and even a ton of fruit.
The party was Spider-Man themed so there was a game of put the spider on Spiderman’s chest, which did result in some interesting placements. Of course then the kids just got silly and were sticking the stickers everywhere. I’m pretty sure there are a few trees in the backyard that now gave radioactive spiders stuck to them.
Of course after games it’s onto the CAKE! And, well let me tell you Ari enjoyed the heck out if his cake. There were hands stuck right in, fistfuls shoveled into the mouth, and lots of attempts at blue frosting chocolate cake covered hands coming towards you. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, and I can’t believe the little guy is 2. He started in my infant classroom when he was just a couple months old. Happy Birthday Ari! Be sure to check out Sarah’s blog here to read more about the Spidey Party, and I’m sure to see some great pictures as well.


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