The Dogs Enjoyed Today

The weather here in Wyoming has finally cooperated a and was fairly decent today.
I say fairly decent because it was 60 the sun was shining, then it wasn’t, then it’d rain, then the sun would shine, well you get the picture.
I however, decided to chance it and loaded the dogs in the car, and off to the dog park we went. I think they were getting used to walks and frequent trips to the park. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been to cooperative for those types of activities.
As soon as we pulled into the park the dogs went bananas. Let’s just say they were glad to be out of the house. As we were walking our normal route a woman informed me to watch out for snakes on the backside of the park.
Well okay if you know me that little tidbit of information put a prompt change to the plans. I don’t do snakes, I hate snakes, and if I saw one especially a big one I’d be dead on the trail from heart failure. Needless to say we did not do our normal walk I wasn’t taking any chances of coming across a snake. We stayed on the river side of the park and did laps along the stretch which didn’t seem to phase the dogs any, because hey now they get to run in the river the whole time. I’m glad I chanced it we only encountered a few sprinkles here and there during our hour at the park, and hopefully they’ll sleep well tonight.


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