Answer To Yesterday’s Comment

Hot Chocolate this is for you. I am planning on visiting the end of June/beginning of July. That is the plan unless the house is sold by then and I’m in the process of moving. If that’s the case I’ll be a 7 hour car ride away and will come visit after the move is complete. Oh and I miss you as well. Just think next year I hope to come ski a few more times. We will make some turns together for sure.
I will also be up in the area mid-September I have a wedding to go to.
Also, with the husband’s new work schedule I plan on making more frequent visits. Oh and the fact that I will be a heck of a lot closer than I currently am.
Get ready NY in about 4 months I’ll be on the same coast as you.
Oh and VA friends get ready we will be back in about 4 months plan the celebration now.


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