And It Continues

Our realtors have continued to piss me off today. Shall we count the ways.
First was the progress email, in which they stated the Broker Open House didn’t happen at my request. Uhm, yeah that was only after they f*cked up and originally scheduled it for a day when there was a Real Estate Luncheon. Then they couldn’t do other days because they wouldn’t both be around. So the brain trust that is them wanted to do it the day before the actual open house. Yeah, we’d be able to do stuff with that feedback. Oh wait with their communication skills we wouldn’t get the feedback for at least a week anyway.
Second we had a showing today. Great, the response I get from them is there is some damage happening from the runoff on the roof. We are sending a handyman over. What!? We know exactly what it is paint is peeling but until the snow and rain stop we can’t do anything with it. And, are you paying for the handyman, and oh wIt WYF gives you the right to send some stranger to my house.
And, finally we have them hinting that the price is wrong. Hmmm, well why didn’t you tell us that 6 months ago.
I’ll be interviewing realtors this week.


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