Are You For Real?

Today was the open house at our house. And, well once again our agents are showing us they just don’t care.
Number 1 we couldn’t find anything anywhere listed about the open house, not even on their own website. Hmmm, yeah that’s going to help get people here. Can you hear the sarcasm in that last sentence?
Number 2 at 10 minutes till the start of the open house neither one was here and no signs had been put up. WHAT!? Shouldn’t they be here a bit before the open house is supposed to start?
Number 3 I dropped the husband off at the airport and pretty much camped out across the street at the park. In an hour and 15 minutes I saw a total of 6 cars. Yet, they texted me to let me know that they had 18 couples show up. Somehow I doubt that. I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss 2/3 of the cars coming to check out the house.
Yeah, things are going to need to change. I can feel my NY attitude getting stronger by the second.
Oh, and the husband called the owner of the agency and let him know about our dissatisfaction. I will be interviewing new agents this coming week, because I am not having this anymore. We would like to sell our house and apparently they don’t want the commission so I’ll find someone that does.
Oh the joys of selling a house.


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