Productive Day

Today was a bit busy. I took the dogs to the dog park, where we did a 2.5 mile walk, well I did 2.5 miles the dogs did more like a 4 mile walk. They ran circles in the fields, chased and played with other dogs. They ran a lot today. After our walk they played in the river for 20 minutes running and splashing and having a grand time. After that it was time for some fetch so that they would dry off a little. Wet dogs and my car do not make a good combo.
After returning to the house the dogs promptly passed out from their exhausting day at the park. While they slept I packed up a bunch of the kitchen stuff that isn’t being used. Along with packing the stuff I won’t be using in the next few months I cleaned all the cabinets and made sure they are organized for next week’s open house.
After finishing the packing and organizing I went for a 5 mile run/walk and completed it in 1 hour 10 minutes. I was a cruising. I of course am now as exhausted as the dogs and was starving.
I plan on spending the rest of the evening relaxing, catching up on some TiVo, and reading a few chapters on my book. I haven’t been reading as much because I’ve been an active nut, but it’s a good thing.


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