I Found A New Obsession

I recently was introduced, and by recently I mean like yesterday to Munzee.  For those of you who don’t know what Munzee is, heck until yesterday I had never heard of it, it’s a scavenger hunt so to speak.  It’s a little like Geocaching, but there is no little box with something in it.  Munzee users place Munzees, which are little QR code stickers in places.  Your job is to find them and scan them, gaining points and gaining levels.

Munzee uses your smart phone.  You get the app, set up your account and go to work.  The way you find Munzees is by using the Munzee map and it will show you the location of all of the Munzees in your area.  Click on one of the Munzee and it will give you a clue as to where to find it.  Once you’ve located the sticker you scan it. Voila just like that you’ve captured your first Munzee.  I found 4 tonight.

Unfortunately, there are not that many in my area, but have no fear because you can place them.  So I plan on finding all of the ones in my area before moving, and placing a few at my favorite spots around town.

I really don’t think you win anything, other than bragging rights among your Munzee friends if you are at the top of the leader board, but it’s something to do.  And, I wish I had known about it before my recent trip because there are apparently a ton of them at the locations we had visited.  Oh well, I’ll find more at other places I will travel.

You can check out the website here, and learn all about this Scavenger Hunt. Oh, and if you decide to join feel free to add me as a friend Abby80


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