Dog Walking Injury & First BBQ Of The Year

We once again took advantage of the weather here in Wyoming and took the dogs out for a walk. We actually did a rather long walk for them. It ended up being a little over 2 miles when all was said and done. We went a different route than we have done the last few days. The way we went was less car traffic but higher pedestrian and dog traffic. The dogs did pretty well until we were about 5 blocks from the house, and well that’s where things didn’t go well. As we walked by a house with a high solid fence a dog started barking, which in turn sent psycho, scared of her own shadow, Heidi into a tizzy, which resulted in her taking out my ankle and knocking me to the ground. One slightly sprained ankle and skinned knee later we made it home.

My knee it’s not bad at all although I did walk home looking like a victim of war. There was definitely some blood happening. It’s okay we all survived and are doing well. Tomorrow is another day, where the husband will walk Heidi.
After our walk we took full advantage of the day and had our gutsy BBQ of the season. We had hamburgers, ok the husband had hamburgers and I had a veggie burger. But, it was delicious and done out on the grill. We had gone to this little neighborhood market we have a few blocks from the house, where the husband picked up some ground beef with applewood smoked bacon, let’s just say the man loved it. I had a Hillary’s Root Veggie Burger I loved it. I love Hillary’s veggie burgers and this was the first time I tried the root veggie one. I’ll be looking to buy more of them. Hillary’s is definitely a favorite of mine when it comes to gluten-free veggie burgers. A lot of gluten-free veggie burgers fall apart not these and they have tons if flavor. Check them out if you’re into that. We also had a nice cold beer with our dinner gluten-free for me, and finished off the BBQ with ice cream. It was a pretty good day here. Let the weekend begin!


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