My Dogs Are Spoiled

We have 2 dogs. A soon to be 3-year-old lab Shepard mix and a 1-year-old lab possibly Doberman mix.  They are lunatics 90% of the time, have more energy than any living thing should have, and want to play non-stop.

I very rarely can do anything in the house without one of them bringing me a ball or some other toy to throw for them. Which, is fine, but sometimes I need to do other things, and entertaining them is not it.

Now, do we spoil them, yes we do.  They have ridiculous amounts of toys, but they get bored easily and then become destructive, so toys it is. Although we have a strict no stuffed toy rule in the house now because well in about 2.7 seconds they’ve completely destroyed it and my house looks like a Build-A-Bear workshop has exploded in it. Along, with toys I’m not above bribing them with treats so that I can get them into the kitchen when I need to leave. If, we are going to be gone for a prolonged period of time I bring marrow bones home with me, and if it’s going to be a full day of being out of the house they go to their favorite place on Earth, Doggie Day Care. So yeah they are spoiled.

And, it’s just getting worse, they now know that if we go to the drive-thru at the bank they get dog biscuits.  Yeah, as soon as the lady says, “Hello,” they get all excited.  Needless to say yesterday at the bank they got dog biscuits. They have also learned that if a certain person is working the drive-thru at Hamburger Stand/Weinerschnitzel/Tastee Freeze, they are getting a hot dog.  Yeah, they got a hot dog last night too.

I’m a bit fearful for what any children we may have will turn out like, if this is how are dogs are.


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