Today, I went and saw Divergent.  And, I will say that it was pretty awesome.  I am a book-worm to say the least, and I will watch the movies based off a book only after reading the book, and well more often than not I am left disappointed.  But, I was impressed with the way they handled the movie.  If you have read the books, I’d say go check it out, if you haven’t yet.  And, well if you haven’t read the books I’ll say this read it first before seeing the movie.  Besides we all know that the book is always 100 times better than the movie.  I mean how can it not be.  They need to cut out stuff to make a watchable movie.  If they included every little detail you’d be watching a 15 hour-long movie, and well there’s no time for that.

So Divergent fans enjoy the movie, and if you have seen it or read the book let me know what you thought of it.


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